The "Nuts & Bolts" of Body Piercing: What Every New Body Piercer Needs to Know . . . But Nobody Will Tell You!
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The "Nuts & Bolts" of Body Piercing: What Every New Body Piercer Needs to Know . . . But Nobody Will Tell You!

Jerry Frederick

This is a "must have" body piercing handbook and exclusive resource guide for beginning and experienced body piercers. You get an insider look at 19 of the most popular piercings. You will learn the type and dimensions of jewelry appropriate for each piercing. Most importantly, I cover unique characteristics and special considerations associated with the more difficult piercings. Knowing this information keeps you out of trouble and makes your life much easier as a piercer. Licensing and certification in the body piercing industry is confusing and varies between localities. Although it can change from state to state, and year to year, you need to understand what both terms mean and how to deal with them in your city and state. Chapter 12 is totally devoted to licensing and certification in the body piercing industry (a must read). Chapter 10 deals with common piercing questions your clients will ask you. Your ability to answer these questions properly will demonstrate to your clients the depth and understanding your have of body piercing. An extensive command of these questions will generate trust between you and your potential clients. People will not let you pierce them if they do not trust you, and your knowledge creates trust. Check out Chapter 10, it will build your confidence and client's trust. Everybody wants my resource guide. This guide is a comprehensive list of the people I buy from and what I buy. I have also listed the items you will need for a body piercing business and estimated cost of each item. This exclusive listing will aid you in making informed decisions on the purchase of body jewelry, related supplies and services for your body piercing business. This information will save you lots and lots of money. In this description I have only covered four chapters. There are 18 total chapters in this book that are devoted to sharing what I know from my 18 years of body piercing experience. Don't pass up this opportunity to get that insider information other piercers will never share with you.

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